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Beats By Dre Solo HD With ControlTalk Purple Headphones

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  • Model: Beats-00093
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    Editors' Notes & Details

    Beats Solo HD headphones Studio ultralightearmuffs version. Beats Solo HD small and exquisite, fully into thehandbag bring Beats by Dr. Dre product as alwaysclassic sound quality.
    The sound is more clear. Bass heavier.
    Beats by drecheap in each ear cup headphones, the only one equippedwith two instead of a speaker. This means that you can enjoy aclear definition of thunderous bass treble and deep.

    Almost not damaged.
    Each pair of headphones use a soft, durable material, in additionto using a metal bar to ensure that the headset does not break. Theappearance of the headset is also very beautiful - each pair ofBeats Solo HD headphones with luxury sedan is equipped withhigh-quality varnish surface.

    Built-in microphone, and can be used to answer the phone.
    Can easily switch between the music and answer the phone. Withouttaking off the headphones or answer the phone like awalkie-talkie.

    Remote control.
    Beats Solo HD headphones headphone cable, you cananswer a call, the Jump song and adjust the volume. Do not need tosearch just to find the right song, mobile phone or musicplayer.